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Teen Wolf Cast + Shirtless Photos

I have seen all of these pictures individually, but somehow together… I’ll be back in a few minutes once I’m able to reallocate the blood to my brain

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the library is officially closed


Snarky Anderson is my fav!

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"Be the person H.Y.D.R.A. would see as a threat."


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Wow, I love this…. I wanna make a shirt that says “I’m a threat to H.Y.D.R.A!”

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

based on this post (x)

Yes please!

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remember that time Stiles punched Jackson in the face.


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If you’re not watching Sirens on Thursday nights at 10pm on USA, then you’re missing out. Not only is it one of the funniest shows out there right now — being that it’s co-created and executive produced by Denis Leary — but it’s also highly inclusive.

It centers on a team of Chicago EMTs, and focuses on the odd partnership of three men, Brian, who is the new guy, Johnny, a guy with a slow developing emotional range, and Hank, an African-American homosexual who defies all stereotypes the rest of popular media inflicts upon gay men. Their team is fleshed out in Cash, Voodoo, and Stats. And last night’s episode showed that Voodoo is asexual.

It took Brian from confusion and denial, to attempts to understand, and eventually wrapped it all around in a bow of acceptance. Brian went from the ideology that asexuals “just haven’t had proper sex,” to wanting to understand what asexual means — and failing — and finally all the way to realizing that sex isn’t what defines relationships, and that just being around Voodoo is enough for him.

Do yourselves a favor, and catch up on the episodes, and start tuning in Thursdays at 10.

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when I say “I wish they would turn this book into a movie” what I really mean is “I wish they would turn this book into a 17-hour-long spectacle that includes every single solitary detail and doesn’t deviate at all from the storyline and has perfect casting”

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My love for Queenie knows no bonds and it’s reasons like this line that I feel that way.

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